Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Serpentine Belt Replacement ServiceThe serpentine belt is an important component of your car’s engine. If it fails your car engine will breakdown from overheating and you will end up stranded. The serpentine belt drives the power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor and the water pump. You should seek serpentine belt replacement service once the belt starts to show any signs of wearing out. In most cars the belt requires replacement after 80,000 miles.

Some of signs that will indicate the need for serpentine replacement service include an irritating squealing under the hood. This noise is caused by cracked or frayed serpentine belt. At first the noise might be heard as you start the car in the morning. It might last for some few seconds are you drive on the driveway. If the belt is not replaced, the noise will last for longer and it might be there even as you drive in the evening. Since a squealing not does not necessary mean a need to replace the serpentine belt, it is important to inspect the belt properly for damage. As a part of the serpentine belt service, you will visually check whether the belt has cracks. A belt with three or more cracks per inch on the ribbed section of the belt should be replaced. Further, a belt with more halfway deep cracks through its thickness should also be replaced.

How much does Serpentine Belt Replacement Service Cost?

Serpentine belt replacement service is relatively cheap compared to other types of car maintenance services. Buying the belt may cost you less than $50 and the service charge may be anywhere between $50-$100 depending on the where you get the serpentine replacement service. Some of the companies that provide high quality services in the US include Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Jiffy Lube, and The Lube Center.